For Love: Take Your Crush on a Study Date

posted Apr 11, 2011, 10:00 AM by Stephany F.   [ updated Apr 14, 2011, 12:12 AM ]
Study dates are probably the easiest way to hang out with that cute guy in your class. They're, low pressure, casual and not exactly even a date; besides, he'll probably appreciate the fact that he'll have a study buddy. It's production and fun all in one (we're pro at rhyming here.)

The next time you're in class eyeing that guy sitting next to you, strike up a conversation and ask him if he wants to study sometime. You can easily break the ice by asking him what the professor just said or "What did she mean by (insert something mentioned in lecture)?" If you're on top of things in that class, mention how this class takes so much studying, then ask him if he wants to join.

Once you have the okay, amp up your study date! Study dates should be about both studying and fun:

Coffee Shop Study Session

Coffee shops are great for a first study date. You can spend time chatting and getting to know each other, then start discussing class materials if things get awkward. Unlike libraries, you're free to either study in silence or take a break and talk freely. Besides, you'll also have a good cup of coffee in hand.

Library Hopping

Bars aren't the only place to hop. Have you visited all of your campus' libraries? There are probably more than one, and you guys can study for an hour at each one before moving on to the next. Doing so will also give you a break in between to chat and renew your energy as you walk to the next library. It might sound nerdy, but it's the perfect study date before a big midterm or final.

Picnic on the Lawn

Grab some snacks or sandwiches and have a study picnic. Spread out a blanket on the grass on a sunny day, bring out your books, and munch and dine as you tackle those four chapters you need to read by Monday.

Find Your Own Study Spot

If you've already studied together a few times, suggest that you two look for your own study nook - a spot on campus that you two choose for studying on that day. Walk around until you find a quiet, semi-secluded spot. Not only is this cute because you two have claimed your own study spot on campus, but since your nook is away from the normal hustle and bustle of popular study spots, the study date may turn into a deep conversation or him asking you out on a real date.

With these study date ideas, hopefully you'll score on both the guy and your next exam. Good luck!

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