Weekend at a Seaside Village

During orientation on the weekend, we traveled out of the city to see the lush green grass and blue skies typical of postcards and scenic photographs.  We traveled by train to Howth, located on the seaside about 30 minutes away from Dublin by train. 

Apparently Howth, pronounced with a long o, is a a fisherman village. We all got together to get a group picture of my study abroad group on the docks, and we were allowed to explore the town.

I experienced my first Irish rain shower as my friends and I climbed a road that appeared to be going up the cliffs. The weather was nice and sunny, but I saw grey clouds approaching. The more we hiked up this road, the prettier the houses were and the faster the clouds were approaching.  The next thing I saw was the rain hitting the docks below us, and people were running inside for cover, and suddenly the rain hit us. Luckily, it only rained for about five minutes.  The sun came out and lit up the grass and the ocean. The next thing I saw was a genuine Irish rainbow!

We hiked on more and got to the top of the cliffs where we could see for miles.  We’re planning on going to there again for a picnic and to see the sunset.  If you ever go to Dublin, take advantage of the DART and the fresh ocean air. A roundtrip ticket is only four Euros, which is five American dollars. The pictures can only do so much justice.

Until next time!