Study Abroad Blog: Bargain Shopping in Dublin

posted Feb 15, 2011, 10:55 AM by College Gloss   [ updated Feb 15, 2011, 11:01 AM by Stephany F. ]
Whenever I think of fashion, I think of London, Milan, Paris, and European designers and celebrities. I am just drawn in to the sophisticated European style. In Dublin, I made sure to stop by Henry Street, a shopping district in walking distance from my apartment!

Henry Street spans for four blocks on a street just for pedestrians. Any college fashionista would be in heaven with stores such as H&M, Topshop, A/Wear, and Penneys to name a few.

Because I’m planning to travel on weekends, budgeting is a major necessity.  As of today, one Euro is equivalent to $1.36. Knowing this is key to whatever country you are in, mainly because you don't want to buy a dress that is 20 Euros and realize that it really is nearly 30 dollars. This is when sales become your best friend. One store that I absolutely love is Topshop, a favorite of  Emma Watson and Kate Middleton. Unfortunately, the prices there are steep for a  traveling college girl, and even the sale section can be expensive. So what's a college fashionista to do? Keep searching!

I soon discovered two stores that reflected both my style and my price range. It's hard to walk down Henry Street without seeing people with bags from Penneys. Penneys is a department store with chic clothing for all ages, all at affordable prices. To be honest, I liked almost every article of clothing I saw. Something about the floor designs and the styles suited me. A/Wear, on the other hand, only has women's clothing and has separate lines: vintage, Closet, and regular. The prices on the sale racks are phenomenal! The prices for the Loft and vintage lines are expensive, and the regular line is fair but not the best in price. That's why this sale section stood out. There were 5, 10 and 20 Euro racks. I found a purple wrap dress there that I fell in love with, and it only cost me 10 Euros!
If you’re traveling to Dublin, make it a point to visit Henry Street, there are tons of great deals that are waiting to be discovered!