Life as a Freshman: It's Okay to be Single

posted Jan 13, 2011, 8:32 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 12:02 PM by Stephany F. ]

If you're a girl who loves the fact that you're single, relishes that you can go out with your girls and talk up different guys every night, this is not for you.  However, for those of you who thought they would find their perfect guy in the first year of college, we have one piece of advice: have fun as a single freshman!

Freshman year is a big transition year for everyone. A new environment, new people and a plethora of options for how you want to start living your life become available. It extremely exciting to meet new friendships that, as the pamphlets promise, will last you the rest of your life.  What those college pamphlets don’t talk about, however, are love and relationships.

Relationships have surrounded me at college since the first day of orientation. A lot of couples meet early on, feel comfortable with one another, and cling together in an environment that makes them feel unsure.

But what about those of us who did not find that perfect other person the second day of freshman orientation? Being single in college can be tricky sometimes, especially in smaller schools. Sometimes, it may feel like you are the only undergrad without a significant other.

I am here to tell you with all of my one semester of experience that it is okay to be single freshman year. In fact, being single can be a rewarding and fun experience.

This year is about you. The first year of college is a big change for everyone, and not being in a relationship can actually be beneficial towards our freshman experience. College is about striking out and growing into the person you want to become. If you are not in a relationship freshman year, it will push you to go out and try things on your own.  Take this chance to meet new people, join organizations, volunteer, make mistakes and learn from them, explore new hobbies or religions, or just go out to have fun.

Also, chances are being a single gal will make it easier to make other girlfriends. Spend time bonding with possible lifelong friends rather than always looking to be in a couple.

Don’t get the wrong impression, relationships in college can be great. But being single in college can be great as well!

Be yourself, enjoy your time as a freshman and love will come in its own time.

By: Gina Christo
Image Credit: Top, Shoes