Food Trend: Baconnaise & Quirky Bacon Products

posted Jan 20, 2011, 10:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 12:00 PM by Stephany F. ]

It’s kosher, vegetarian and it tastes like bacon. Intrigued? I heard about Baconnaise a few months ago and the thought of bacon-flavored mayonnaise has haunted my dreams ever since. Like cupcakes, bacon has become a trendy food topic. Bars in San Francisco and Baltimore are hosting bacon and beer happy hours with bowls of the salty snack to pass around and a multitude of products exist that let people show their pork preference.

I added
J &D’s Baconnaise spread to a turkey sandwich. It comes in regular and lite varieties; I tried the regular. It looks like slightly orange mayonnaise with bits of bacon in it. The bacon flavor comes from the way it is seasoned, so vegetarians can give it a try. It’s also kosher. It added a nice smoky depth to my sandwich without being overwhelming. I used a thin layer equivalent to the amount of regular mayonnaise I would normally use. However, it’s no substitute for the real thing. Bacon tastes great, but the thing that is really enjoyable is the chewy, crunchy texture. Without that I was left feeling a little unsatisfied.

Final say: great for vegetarians who crave bacon or people who are just too busy to fry up their own. It’s also much lower in calories than real bacon would be. It was a bit pricey, costing me $14.95 with shipping because I couldn’t get it at my local grocery. All in all, a tasty spread but it could never compete with the real thing. If you like it though, the company also makes bacon salt, bacon popcorn, bacon ranch dressing and even bacon-flavored envelopes.

Want to share your love of bacon with the world? Fredflare.com, purveyor or cute quirky clothing and gift items, is like a bacon lovers paradise. They sell bacon-flavored toothpicks ($4), bacon gift wrap ($8), bandages that look like bacon ($9), bacon soap ($8), a bacon board game ($22), bacon floss ($9) and even a chocolate bar studded with pieces of real bacon ($9).

 By: Taylor Combs
Image Credit: Bacon Candy - Tumblr, Baconnaise - Amazon, Bacon Products - Fred Flare