Décor Buzz: Bright Pops of Color to Add a Touch of Spring

posted Jan 17, 2011, 9:46 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 12:05 PM by Stephany F. ]
When your winter blues are just settling in, give your life a burst of spring.  Grey and bleak outside?  Add a few pops of bright hues into your room decor and you might just feel a little sunnier yourself.

True, you may not be able to cultivate roses year round, and its highly unlikely you have a crystal chandelier dangling above your table.  Your little abode, however, can radiate with pinks, greens, and florals just as much as the adorable rooms above.  You and your roommates will love these fun, bright décor picks to spruce things up:

A bright chair (Ikea, $19.99) will do wonders for any office space or bedroom.   Pair this chair with your simple white, black, or wooden desk and watch as it goes from boring to chic. Speaking of your desk, admit it: you could probably use  more storage.  These bright green storage boxes (Ikea, $12.99) will lend a spring touch to any bedroom - and store all your unorganized papers, magazines, and trinkets away.

A bronze birdcage jewelry stand (Urban Outfitters, $9.99) will show off your colorful jewelry and gems, while an adorable porcelain boot adds some green with sprigs of mint, strawberry, basil or chamomile (Fred Flare, $14).

If your room is still feeling a tad too bare, splurge on your favorite fresh flowers at your local florist or grocer.  A fresh bouquet will add life to an otherwise bleak room.  Although a bit on the pricey side, this charming nature-themed clock (Modcloth, $59.99) will keep you on time and the sunny utensil holder (Modcloth, $18.99) organizes and decorates at the same time.

Just because spring may not come anytime soon doesn't mean your apartment or room has to stay in winter hibernation as well.   Bring out the bright hues;  it's not a crime to enjoy spring a few months early.

By:  Stephany F.
Image Credit: Top 1 & 2 - Decorista, Chair - Ikea, Boxes - Ikea, Flowers - Captured by Jen