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The Three C’s to Check Out

posted Apr 28, 2011, 5:04 PM by Melissa Ou   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 5:33 PM ]
By Andy Luu


If you’ve not hiked up to the Big C yet, then you’re technically not a Cal student (This statement should not be taken as fact). The Big C is literally a giant “C” painted on the side of a hill. It is accessible by walking up the parking lot of the Greek Theatre. The hike is more than manageable as it should only take around 15 minutes to reach the top (starting from the Greek Theatre). It is a great place to hang out and enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Berkeley.

(Photo of the view from Big C by Andy Luu)

Recommendation: Go at night to see the whole city lit up. Bringing a flashlight is advisable but cell phone light still works. Also, go with friends. The Big C is a great spot to sit and reflect on wonderful college memories.
Location: Start up from the Greek Theatre parking lot. Walk up until you reach a flight of stairs and go up until you reach another parking lot and make a right. Go straight and you will reach
the base of the path.

CONCRETE SLIDE at Codornices Park

If you have an itch for a daytime adventure, then take a stroll to the Rose Garden and Codornices Park! By literally walking up Euclid Ave. from North Gate, you will eventually reach the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is a great attraction in itself, especially when the flowers are in full bloom. The garden area is shaped like an amphitheatre which makes for a great view from the base of the garden.

Codornices Park, which is across the street, is where it’s at. It has everything a playground should have - swings, slides, monkey bars, a basketball court, and more. What makes the park out of the ordinary is its giant concrete slide! Just take a piece of cardboard, go up the stairs and slide down! Mind you, it is not only for children. Parents also slide down with as much fun as their children. Riding down this concrete slide is definitely a must. The ride is worth the trip by a landslide.

(Photo of Concrete Slide by Andy Luu)

Recommendation: Go during the afternoon. Be sure to catch the Rose Garden along the way.
Cardboard for sliding can be found along the park.
Location: Walk up Euclid from North Gate. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk.


Everyone’s seen it. It’s the 3rd tallest bell and clock tower in the world. It’s in all the videos, pictures, and magazines that cover Cal. However, not as many people have actually gone up the tower. It’s definitely worth going up to the observation deck.

(Photo of Campanile by Melissa Ou)

Recommendation: Go up during a sunny day 5 minutes after the hour so the hourly bell toll does not ring in your ears.
Cost: Free for Cal students, faculty, and staff. $2 for general admission (18 years and over). $1 for seniors.

Hours:  M-F 10am-3:45pm
                  Sat 10am-4:45pm
                  Sun 10am-1:30pm & 3pm-4:45pm