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Fun on Campus

posted May 6, 2011, 2:08 PM by Melissa Ou   [ updated May 19, 2011, 4:36 PM ]
By Andy Luu

“The Whispering Bench”

(Photos by Andy Luu) 

Located in between the Bancroft Library and the Campanile, this unique bench provides sitters with more than the usual activity of sitting down and relaxing. The Whispering Bench doesn’t exactly whisper into your ears; however, people who sit across from each other, on this semi-circle shaped bench, can clearly hear each other’s voices without having to raise them. Some say they can hear each other’s voices clearer than if they were walking right next to each other and conversing. It’s definitely worth checking out just to have a conversation with a friend in this unusual manner!

Easy tip to get to the Whispering Bench:
    1. Begin on Bancroft & Telegraph entrance of UC Berkeley.
    2. Walk straight on Sproul through Sather Gate.
    3. Once passed Sather Gate, continue straight and make a right when you see the Campanile
        on your right.
    4. Head toward the Campanile and make a left before you reach the Campanile steps.
    5. Continue straight until you see a semi-circle shaped bench. If you reach Memorial Glade,
        then you have walked too far.

“The Echo Columns” of North Gate

(Photo by Andy Luu)

For those looking for a place to show their visiting relatives or friends, look no further than North Gate. Two great pillars stand right outside of North Gate Hall. Right in the middle of these pillars lies a circle plaque in tribute to the class of 1954, and that’s exactly where the magic happens. By simply standing on top of this circle, you can hear your echo as you talk in whichever direction you choose. Feel free to shout to generate a bigger echo effect.

Easy tip to get to North Gate:
    1. Begin on Bancroft & Telegraph entrance of UC Berkeley.
    2. Head straight through Sproul and through Sather Gate.
    3. Once passed Sather Gate, continue going straight toward Memorial Glade.
    4. Once you reach Memorial Glade, continue straight toward the East Asian Library.
    5. At the base of the East Asian Library, walk up the slightly steep slope and the pillars
        should come into view.