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posted Apr 11, 2011, 4:11 PM by Melissa Ou   [ updated Apr 15, 2011, 3:32 PM ]
by Andy Luu

Senior year can be filled with a lot of anxiety, panic, and dread. Fortunately every Friday after 4PM is a time many seniors (or anyone over 21) can unwind and de-stress with their friends at Bear Lair’s, the local pub on campus. This end of the school week event is called BEAT THE CLOCK. Here’s the gist: a pitcher of beer starts off at a designated price such as $7 beginning at 4’o clock. For each passing hour the price of the pitcher increases by $1. By the time 6’o clock rolls around a pitcher will now cost $9. Thus, you try to drink as much as you can before pitcher prices climb higher and higher; hence everyone tries to BEAT THE CLOCK.

Going to BEAT THE CLOCK should definitely be on every Cal senior’s bucket list (even if you don’t drink). Drinkers can down pitchers to their heart’s content while non-drinkers will witness the increasing stages of their friends’ intoxication. It actually provides for a great bonding. It can also rekindle old friendships. You are guaranteed to bump into an old friend or acquaintance from freshmen year days, or a former class, or a student organization. Going to BEAT THE CLOCK is definitely one of the more unique social experiences Cal has to provide.

However, one downside of BEAT THE CLOCK is the overwhelming crowdedness. It is very difficult to get seats unless you get there early. The giant crowd also entails that most conversations will be drowned out by other conversations and that the restroom lines can be ridiculously long. Nevertheless, the overwhelming crowd every Friday just speaks to the popularity of BEAT THE CLOCK as people just keep coming back despite the noise, and regardless of getting tremendously wasted with your friends before dinnertime.

LOCATION: Bear’s Lair (On Bancroft)
TIME: Fridays 4PM-1AM
PAYMENT: Cash or Credit card
TIP: Have friends save seats at 3:30PM & have your I.D. ready